• From Uni Project to a $2 Million Business

    Most people leave uni with a degree and a mountain of dept. Ziah left with a multi-million dollar business idea. For her final uni project Lane came up with an environmentally friendly brand.  No Issue Tissues – tree-free tissues made out of bamboo fibres.

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  • Ziah Lane - Our Winner

    Ask anyone in business what the Holy Grail is for a retail outlet. They’ll answer Woolworths or Coles. So Ziah Lane hit the jackpot in 2011 when, as part of her Masters of Design project, she presented the concept for No Issues Tissues to Woolworths, along with a prototype box.

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  • Meet the woman changing the face of household items

    Passionate about her product, and the environment, Ziah says, “Bamboo is the future of the paper industry. I am an advocate and I want everyone to know that. That’s why Ziah set out to create No Issues Tissues."

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  • Meet The Disruptors

    Ziah Lane :  CEO and Founder, featured in Marie Claire

    "The industry was begging for disruption; it was boring and old fashioned. In major stores, there wasn't even an environmentally friendly option in the tissue section"
    The idea was so simple and the technology existed, so Ziah decided she was going to be the one to do it.

  • Revolutionising the paper industry with sustainable bamboo

    Entrepreneur and lover of our planet, Ziah Lane, founded NO ISSUES, a brand that’s introduced tree free household products, including facial tissues, toilet paper, paper towels and travel packs.

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  • Celebrating Women In Business

    MAJOR PRIZE WINNER - Ziah Lane, No Issues Tissues. 100% tree-free tissues, toilet paper and paper towels made from renewable and sustainable bamboo. No trees are used in the production of these products.

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  • Nothing to sneeze at: eco-Warrior Ziah Lane

    Each year, an estimated 15 billion trees are cut down worldwide to produce paper, timber and other consumables. Terrified by the statistics, entrepreneur, designer and ‘eco-warrior’ Ziah Lane launched NO ISSUES.

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  • Most influential entrepreneurs / Female entrepreneur of year SMH

    Returning to university to complete a master's degree was a turning point for Ziah Lane. For her final project she came up with the idea for environmentally friendly tissues made from bamboo.

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