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Eco-Towels - 6 Month Subscription (12 Rolls Per Month)
Eco-Towels - 6 Month Subscription (12 Rolls Per Month)

 Our products are made from environmentally sustainable bamboo and sugarcane fibres. Unlike trees, bamboo is a grass, which is a fast-growing renewable resource. When we have to use plastic for our packaging we use biodegradable plastic.

Eco-Towels - 6 Month Subscription (12 Rolls Per Month)

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Order your Early May- July supply of Toilet Paper NOW! 

Receive your order in MONTHLY deliveries for 3 months! Pay once and have NO ISSUES for 3 months! Receive 10% off your entire order!

Any orders made now will be dispatched around early May! 

Sign up for a 3 month Subscription and never run out again

  • 12 rolls every month for 3 months!
  • 100% made from bamboo, we are tree free
  • 2 ply with 70 sheets per roll
  • Extra long rolls 
  • No Chlorine Bleaching
  • Eco friendly tissues and packaging
  • We also use Biodegradable Plastic for all our packaging

Subscription includes 36 rolls over 3 months (12 rolls per month)

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