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Reuse, Refill, Recycle

ALL the big brands use SINGLE USE PLASTICS & TREES!! NO ISSUES started by innovating regular toilet paper packaging into a reusable bag; we then developed refill options with minimal packaging resulting in our soon to come plant based compostable and 100% recycled paper bags/reused boxes ('Reuse, Refill, Recycle'!) NO ISSUES are constantly researching & updating the environmental impact of our materials. The NO ISSUES aesthetic is simple and clean allowing our design to be re-used for multi functions. E.g. NO ISSUES 12-pack toilet paper *coming soon* (drawstring backpack large) - gym gear, sneakers, supermarket shopping. NO ISSUES 6-pack toilet paper - *available now in stores & online* (drawstring bag medium) - wet swimmers, potting soil. NO ISSUES 6 pack pocket tissues *coming soon* (drawstring bag small) - medication, cosmetics, toiletries. These are all washable and reusable. The Drawstrings are also reusable e.g. use as a pair of shoelaces. The drawstrings and rope are designed so the contents are secured. The Cable Zip Tie that secures the bag is Recyclable. We will be reusing our boxes for your bulk delivery orders.