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Are you making the right choice for an environmentally sustainable future? We get it, we're bombarded with so many messages about right and wrong environmental choices, but here at No Issues, we're all about making small changes easy, and chic! Our tissues are made from environmentally sustainable bamboo fibres. Did you know, millions of trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper pulp? Unlike trees, bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource for pulp. Bamboo can reach full height in just a few months, without the need for pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers.

So making tissues out of Bamboo is the perfect solution! "We are so lucky to have the technology to make TREE FREE paper. Bamboo is the future of the paper industry. Global toilet paper production alone consumes 27,000 trees daily. We hope you can join our movement at NO ISSUES to help preserve our precious environment for generations to come. " – Ziah Lane, Founder NO ISSUES

No Issues is an Australian based company, founded in 2012, owned and managed by Ziah Lane, an advocate for the environment and women in business. No Issues is passionate about the environment, our future and providing Business' with the opportunity to choose an affordable and environmentally friendly option. No Issues products are premium tree free tissues, made from soft and strong bamboo fibres that provide the same quality as regular tissues.